North America Map

North America is home to seven species of wild cat. The three cats we mostly associate with the continent are the mountain lion (also called puma), the Canada lynx, and the bobcat. The best place to see pumas is actually in Chile -- see our South American tours below.

We are currently organizing a Canada lynx tour and will keep you updated. Our bobcat tour has been running for many years now and we have a hundred percent success rate on it.

South America Map

South America is home to eleven species of wild cat, including tropical cats like ocelots and margays and high altitude cats like the Andean mountain cat. This large diversity of species is due to the tremendous range of habitats found across the andes, the amazon, and patagonia.

The two big cats are the puma, and the jaguar, both of which we offer tours for. Our puma tour has been running for four years and is in fact, our most popular since the cats are so approachable.

Africa Map

Africa is home to ten species of wild cat. Those include the iconic lion, leopard, and cheetah, but there are also many small cats that have tremendous adaptions. They include the serval, caracal, black-footed cat, and sand cat.

Our tours are specialized for the cats, but you will of course see the other big megafauna of the continent like zebras, hippos, antelope, and elephants. Currently on offer is our Big Cats of Africa tour, Classic Safari in Zambia, Serval and Caracal tour, and Cheetahs of the Serengeti tour.

Asia Map

Asia is home to by far the most wild cat species, twenty-one in all. Being the largest continent, it also supports the highest number of habitats, leading to this feline diversity. Snow leopards roam the high Himalayan mountains, tigers the forests of India.

In the jungles of southeast Asia many small cats slink through the dense vegetation. Our cats of Borneo tour is focused on the five species of cats in Borneo, including the Sunda Clouded Leopard. Our manul tour allows you close sightings of manul kittens playing outside their den. Our tiger tour provides sightings in two protected areas in India. We are currently finalizing our snow leopard tour.

Europe Map

Europe is home to three different species of wild cat. including the Eurasian lynx, European wild cat, and the most endangered species of wild cat in the world, the Iberian lynx.

We have seen multiple Iberian lynx every year we have run the tour, including mating pairs. In the planning stages is a tour for the European wild cat, which is the closest relative to our beloved house cats.